Serious Game & Simulation Reel

Avatar Tony Brown | November 25, 2018


Thank you for viewing my Serious Games & Simulation Reel. For more of my work & 3d modeling & texturing reel, see the additional content tab located on the right side of the screen.

IVIEW real-time scenario builder

  The Real-time scenario builder was developed in Unity, modeled in Maya, & textured in substance painter & Photoshop . The project can run of almost any pc, with or without a graphics card, as well as android tablets.

The Real-time scenario builder is an interactive level & scenario designer. Designer for the FAA, this program was designed to help FAA security & personnel better react to  security threats & terrorist activity. 

The displayed environment was a 1/2 mile recreation of the J South Checkpoint in the Miami International Airport.

Despite the ambitious nature of the projects & it's massive scope. All aspects of design, modeling, texturing, & programming were completed in just a couple months. Additionally, the project is able to run on most any pc & android tablet.

OSU Game Design Class

Though OSU's game design degree was a far cry from a school that has a bigger focus on computer & electronic arts, my goal was to teach the students the fundamentals of game design & development to best of my ability.

One of my main goals in teaching the class was to expose the students to all the elements of game development so they could make an informed decision on which one was right for them.

Another one of my goals was to make sure each student walked out with a game they developed during the class. King Pin bowling is a small mini game that I taught the students to build. I developed the game, C# code, & all the assets, then allowed them to download the assets or build there own & follow along on the development steps.

Interactive Explosive Defense I.E.D.

  Interactive Explosive Defines was a serious game that was developed in UDK, modeled in Maya, & textured in Quixel & Photoshop.

The IED project debuted at Itsec 2015 & was one of our first big projects & the development time from concept to final product was only a few months. That being said, mid development we had to chose if we wanted to sacrifice visuals or complex puzzles & interaction in order to meet the deadline.

Military Petroleum Maintenance & Refiling

   The Military Petroleum Maintenance & Refiling was developed in Unity & published on the webgl platform. 

This contract consisted of twenty one fully interactive 3d check on learning scenarios, many with unique equipment for each scenario. 

Faa Battery Maintenance

   The Battery Maintenance project was a project was developed in Unity 4 for both standalone & the Unity web player. It was modeled in Maya, textured in Quixel, & Photoshop.

The Battery Maintenance Project consisted of 3 large PEs. All the labs were connected by a central hob, a large futuristic 3  story building which allowed the user to do any exercise they chose. The project was fully voice acted, with instructional tutorials, feedback, & hints.