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I am a passionate & highly creative production lead, game designer, game developer, and 3d artist, with well over ten years combined experience in management, print, game design,  level design, web design, 3d modeling, texturing, animation, and game development & coding. I’m seeking to work for a creative leading­-edge organization that demands high­quality work to enhance the organization &/or its clients professional image and goals. I excel in not only the production of optimized, game-ready 3D models, characters, & assets but also UV creation, editing, optimization,and  texture placement using a variety of rendering pipelines such as PBR, Mental Ray, & Arnold. I also have the knowledge & experience of optimizing scenes and environments for use in a Real-time pipeline using a variety of game engines including unity & unreal for building & launching content on various of applications including standalone, mobile, & PC.


Level 3d artist Game Designer Game Developer Level Designer Creative Director Creative Development Graphic Design Film Production Website Development Digital Sculptor CG/3D Modeler CG/3D Texture Artist

Creating games can be an exciting adventure!

If you enjoy playing video games, you’ll enjoy creating them even more!

Join us each week, as we go through all the steps & processes of game development, in videos & lessons that will be easy to follow, engaging, entertaining, & accessible. We’ll not only give you all the knowledge you’ll need, but all the tools, free original game assets, free original content, free scripts, & code you’ll need as well. So no matter your knowledge or skill level you’ll be able to follow along, learn, & build the game of your dreams.

Getting Started – How video games are made

Playing video games is a popular pastime for people of all ages. So it’s easy to think video games are no more than simply electronic toys, and can be made with a few clicks of a mouse. But in reality, getting a game in the hands of consumers often times is a very long and tedious journey, that can take years from start to finish.

So how do they do it, how are games really developed?

Whether your looking to create a small indie game, a mobile game, or work with a big AAA game studio, the basic sequence of creating a game will [...]