Shoki: Blades of the Shinigami


Game Concept

⧫ The player starts out as Kotaro (Fuma Kotaro), a young boy living a peaceful life in a small farm village. After his village is attacked & burned, by dark creatures known as Yoki. Saved by a female ninja, Kotaro finds himself the sole survivor of the attack & is know forced to choose between a path filled with fear or a path filled with blood.  Choosing to go with the female ninja Odachi & her accomplice Kusarigama, Kotaro must now join the Shinigami in hopes to gain enough strength to fight & defeat the Yoki threat which threatens to consume his world.

  • Genre of your game – Stealth
  • Size/Scope of your game –
  • Single player or Multiplayer – Single player
  • Multiplatform or Single Platform – Single Platform, PC
  • Engine – Unreal 4 & Unity 2019 (mobile)

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By Tony Brown

I am a passionate & highly creative production lead, game designer, game developer, and 3d artist, with well over ten years combined experience in management, print, game design, level design, web design, 3d modeling, texturing, animation, and game development & coding. I’m seeking to work for a creative leading­-edge organization that demands challenging & high quality work to enhance the organization &/or its clients professional image and goals. I excel in not only the production of optimized, game-ready 3D models, characters, & assets but also UV creation, editing, optimization,and texture placement using a variety of rendering pipelines such as PBR, Mental Ray, & Arnold. I also have the knowledge & experience of optimizing scenes and environments for use in a Real-time pipeline using a variety of game engines including unity & unreal for building & launching content on various of applications including standalone, mobile, & PC.