The Hangar VR – Scenario Builder

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The Hangar, was built as one of the first of three  3d real-time virtual reality environment, built as part of the “Scenario Builder”.

The Real-time scenario builder is an interactive level & scenario designer. Designer for the FAA & other government agencies, this program was designed to help security & personnel better react to  security threats, maintenance, civilians, & terrorist activity. The scenario builder was designed  to allow the user to create & customize a variate of different  situation in unique environments. The scenarios can then be played through, using a VR headset, pc ,or tablet. The scenario can  also be recorded for further training or discussion in the future.

  • Platform – Occulus
  • Modeled in Maya
  • Textured in Photoshop & Quixel
  • Developed in Unity 5

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By Tony Brown

I am a passionate & highly creative production lead, game designer, game developer, and 3d artist, with well over ten years combined experience in management, print, game design, level design, web design, 3d modeling, texturing, animation, and game development & coding. I’m seeking to work for a creative leading­-edge organization that demands challenging & high quality work to enhance the organization &/or its clients professional image and goals. I excel in not only the production of optimized, game-ready 3D models, characters, & assets but also UV creation, editing, optimization,and texture placement using a variety of rendering pipelines such as PBR, Mental Ray, & Arnold. I also have the knowledge & experience of optimizing scenes and environments for use in a Real-time pipeline using a variety of game engines including unity & unreal for building & launching content on various of applications including standalone, mobile, & PC.