R.I.S.E. – Interactive Recruitment Conversation & Dialog Trainer

Avatar Tony Brown | June 16, 2019

RISE – Interactive Recruitment Conversation & Dialog Trainer

The IRDT or Interactive Recruitment Conversation & Dialog , was created to to help recruiters better navigate through a conversations in order to better  recruiter the next generation of soldiers & guardsmen. Developed under the RISE, or Recruiter Interactive Simulation Experience, unlike SMTC Arcade platform which creates a more generalized fun learning platform, software & courses developed under RISE platform are developed to specifically geared towards particular subject or focus area.

The IRDT  has over 30 distinct dialog choices, which branch in over 200 combinations of dialog paths, allowing the user a very diverse set of training & assured that no two conversations would ever be alike.

The original character is completely automated, with lip-sync & audio dialog being generated dynamically. And although, having prerecorded dialog & animating the lip-sync by hand would  result in a, more realistic look, it is quickly overshadowed by the fact that animating & creating the dialog in this manor allows for real-time iteration.

In the IRCT software, the user is tasked navigating through a conversation in order to recruiter the CPU to join the military.

Although the shown GUI is a temporary one, it clearly demonstrates several of the key aspects & features of the IRCT software.

The dialog is broken down into three key categories, persuade, relate, or confront.  To be successful in recruiting each of these are necessary & a successful outcome won’t come by on relying on persuasion alone.

The user can find the help button in the lower left hand side of the screen & use it to get hints on which the best way to steer the Conversation.

The undo button allows the user to return to a previous statement.

The “set appointment” button allows the user to closer the conversation & if successful the CPU will set an appointment to officially enlist.

The exit button allows user to leave the conversation. Since recruiters normally have a monthly quota, In the final product the user was scored not only on how successful they were during the simulation but also how many CPUs they were able to recruiter in a given time period,.